Live Wonderfully

Here I will share my favorite wines, products, places and people A combination of all of them helps me achieve my personal goal to “Live Wonderfully”. 

Build your cellar together

The pandemic catapulted not only how we shop but how we live life. It impacted everyone, and our lives will never be the same. For me, it means I am now able to provide my community with a destination where we can inspire one another to enjoy life to the fullest. Welcome to Shop Mr. Wonderful (aka SMW): an affordable luxury eCommerce marketplace. 100% direct to you. 100% curated by me.

SMW is designed to not just share my curated direct-to-you products but also so that I can answer your most pressing questions - about my favorite wines, products, places, and people. A combination of all of them helps me, and will help you too, achieve a personal goal to “Live Wonderfully.”

Since SMW is launching with one of my long-time passions, wine, I wanted to use this first post to share what I have found to be the most rewarding part of my wine journey: Building my cellar with Linda.

What many of you don’t know is that Linda has a remarkable palate for wine. Pour her a glass and she can easily distinguish one region from another, new world from old world, just from the look, nose, and taste. She and I use wine to connect with each other at the end of a busy (or lazy) day, while we are preparing a meal, or just hanging out with friends. Any relationship based on a good wine cellar can last forever!

Watch for videos on SMW where I (and possibly some “guests”) will be going deeper into my love for wine. From the great whites and reds of Burgundy to classified Bordeaux and big Napa Cabs, when it comes to drinking wine, it’s one of the most pleasurable experiences on earth. I do it every day. And that’s how I Live Wonderfully!

Live Wonderfully